Try us out 30 days risk-free!

We are doing a limited time offer. Try us out risk-free for 30 days completely free. If you find value after 30 days, we can build out a contract.

If not, no harm, no foul; hopefully we still provide some value to you.

What does 30 days risk-free look like?

Every client’s story is different and some may be more progressive and others may be just getting started. However, we will always take the time to understand your customer behavior, your website’s traffic and current target audiences.

Week 1

Discovery stage

First, we will need to gain access to your ad accounts, Google Analytics, and/or any other platform you are using to start analyzing data.

Week 2

Data assumptions

In this phase, we are diving into your current analytics and can begin creating advertising strategies.

Week 3

Creative and targeting

After accessing your current customer data and understanding your websites traffic, we will begin building the ad creative, copy and targeting.

Week 4

Testing ads

Ad creative, copy and targeting all setup it now time to test the ads. In this stage, it is crucial to test ads for atleast a week to determine which ad group or ad set is performing.

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