How we use Google Ads

First – we capture your audience’s attention.

Don’t lose out on new clients due to a miscommunication. We match what your audience is searching for with what your company offers. From search (1) to initial ad impression (2), all the way through to the landing page (3). We show your prospects exactly what they want — in their words.

But what if your visitor leaves the landing page?

We keep your messaging consistent – beyond the landing page. When your visitor gets distracted and doesn’t complete a form, retargeting brings them back. We speak their language to get them to return and convert.

Second – once a visitor converts, we connect ALL the dots.

We now know which campaign and keyword drove this precise lead, along with information like the lead’s location and device data. Coupled with our team’s heatmap technology, you’ll have a complete picture of the identity and engagement behind each conversion.

We don’t just drive traffic – we drive QUALITY leads.

Part of the process when driving new leads to your CRM, is ensuring that those leads are qualified. This process can take its course during the CRM process or we can qualify them before even hitting your CRM.

Introducing qualifiers

Third – we continually take the data and make improvements.

During our process, we leverage the insight of our data to improve direct paid ad campaigns, new content creation, landing pages, and to uncover top quality lookalike audiences.

Try us out 30 days risk-free!

We are doing a limited time offer. Try us out risk-free for 30 days completely free. If you find value after 30 days, we can build out a contract.

If not, no harm, no foul; hopefully we still provide some value to you.

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